Making Lists

For this plan to be effective, lists are essential. The lists that are absolutely necessary are:

  • The Meal Plan 
  • In the Freezer 
  • The Grocery List
The Meal Plan:  
Make your own meal plan or follow the one posted here each Sunday. It is important that we have a plan! My menu plans include dinners for Monday through Friday. 

In the Freezer:
We must know what's in the freezer! Putting dishes in there and forgetting about them, then finding them a year later when we clean out the freezer, and throwing them out is not a time or money saver!

The Grocery List:
I use an app on my phone for my grocery list. Each week, I carefully review the sale ads and anything that's a great price that I know we will use, gets added to my list. Also added to my list are the items I need for at least one week's meals. We live about 15 miles from the closest grocery store and if I can get there once every two weeks, I'm happy.

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