In the Beginning . .

It all starts with the basic fact that we all need to eat. Therefore, most of us need to cook. Some are lucky enough to live in areas where good restaurants are on every corner. We don't live in such a place. For us, eating out at is frustrating. We have plenty of fast food and even I can agree that there's a time when fast food is ok, but not very often. Eating out at a good restaurant is expensive and often we leave saying "that wasn't nearly as good as what we eat at home!"

These days, I cook for two so everything I share here will be based on cooking for two. We either have leftovers or items go into the freezer for another meal. If you're cooking for more than two, you'll not have as many leftovers, or as much for the freezer, or you

With this blog, I will share how I cook, which often involves making dishes ahead of time. My goal is to cook three weeks and every fourth week, eat out of the freezer.

If you're interested in following along with me, I hope you will find a huge reduction in your cost of feeding your family, especially if you've been eating out often, and with a little planning, you will find that your time in the kitchen is greatly reduced.

Please read through these suggestions/ideas:

  • We do not follow any special diets - we are not gluten or dairy free, we don't always eat heart healthy, we eat sugar . . make any adjustments that are necessary to fit your dietary needs.
  • I use a lot of gadgets. Most aren't necessary. Don't be turned off if I'm using something  you don't have (or don't want). 
  • I stock up on sales! Rarely do I pay full price at the grocery store. Read this post for more help in this area.
  • We use some exotic and wild meat. Substitute anything  you want to substitute. I'll offer suggestions if I'm using something you may not be able to get (or don't want to get).
  • I use my freezers a lot! If you don't have a big freezer, be sure you have room in your fridge freezer before making dishes that are designed to be divided into several dishes for the freezer.
  • Start with lists!  Read this post! Even if you detest making lists, please just give it a try.
  • If this plan sounds like something you might like to try, give it one month. If, after one month, you find  you aren't saving time and money, and you aren't enjoying it, give it up and move on to something else!
I enjoy cooking. Since it's something most of us find that we have to do, I hope you can find a way to enjoy it too.

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